Word Fest Toowoomba

An exciting festival of writing, reading, authors, poetry, illustration, and wordplay for all ages and tastes – a feast of WORDS!

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Word Fest Toowoomba has a diverse offering of events happening in Toowoomba throughout the year. We hope you can join us in our beautiful Garden City.

Story Writing

About Word fest

Our Mission is to develop a fresh and adventurous festival platform for the local region and the broader Queensland communities to celebrate the talents of our Toowoomba writing community.

books and roses

Word Fest Events

Word Fest Toowoomba showcases writers, story tellers, food and books from around the Darling Downs & South-East Queensland, with featured events from February to August. 

Coffee and Books

Word fest News

Events filling Toowoomba with authors, stories, food and joy. Discover the latest updates and event information that shines the light on home grown and imported talent and renowned venues.

2024 is Going to be Bigger than Ever!!

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More Tastes of Toowoomba

Get on Board Writers’ Retreat with Michael Burge

16 March at DownsSteam Tourist Railway and Museum, Drayton

Words from the Past

March 2024 – To be confirmed.

Trashion Parade

9 May – Grand Central Shopping Centre


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Bush Poet

What They Are Saying…


A Taste of Toowoomba

“These look delicious….can’t wait to try them!”

A Taste of Toowoomba

“I can see how to use the basic recipes to adapt to our family tastes.”

A Taste of Toowoomba

“Beautiful, colourful book.  Well done!”

A Taste of Toowoomba

“A great mix of cultural offerings.”

Street Libraries Brochure

“What a great idea.”

Street Libraries Brochure

“Lovely brochure – where can I get one?”

Words From the Past

“This is a wonderful chronicle of the literary history of the Darling Downs.  Great to dip in and out of the landscape of writers over time.”

Words From the Past

“It’s a wonderful Book .. Light reading and full of information that is very close to home.”


Bringing Toowoomba to Life!

Celebrating all things “words”, with literature, authors, zines, spoken word events, food, kids energetic story telling, quilts, poets, competitions and family fun.

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“There comes a point in your life when you have to stop reading other people’s books and write your own.”


Albert Einstein

 “Seeing is believing, but sometimes, the most real things in the world are the things we can’t see.”

The Polar Express