Puppet Making Workshop with Marianne Buchanan

Puppet Making Workshop with Marianne Buchanan

Unleash Your Creativity 
Join Our Puppet Making Workshop! 

Are you ready to embark on an exciting journey into the whimsical world of puppetry? 

Look no further! We’re thrilled to invite you to our upcoming Puppet Making Workshop.

When? Saturday, 13 April 2024 (10am – 12noon)

Where? Mosaic Hues, Level 1 Rowes Complex, Keefe St, Toowoomba

How? Tickets $20 (includes materials)

🌟 What to Expect:

  • Hands-On Experience: Dive into the magical realm of puppetry with our interactive workshop. From mastering the art of muppets and animal puppets to exploring the intricacies of marionettes and ventriloquism, there’s something for every puppet enthusiast.  
  • Creative Exploration: Let your imagination soar as you design and craft your very own puppet. Whether you’re creating characters from socks or bringing intricate designs to life, our workshop offers a plethora of creative opportunities.
  • Expert Guidance: Led by Marianne Buchanan of Starlet Creative Industries, our workshop facilitator brings a wealth of experience in drama and puppetry. With over 60 puppets at her disposal, Marianne will provide expert guidance and insider tips to help you unleash your puppetry potential.
  • Community Connection: Connect with fellow puppet enthusiasts and share in the joy of creative expression. It’s a fantastic opportunity to make new friends and bond over a shared love for puppetry.

🎈 Who Should Attend:

  • Families: Perfect for families looking to spend quality time together while unleashing their creativity. 
  • Educators: Ideal for educators seeking innovative ways to engage students in the arts and storytelling.
  • Artists: A must-attend for artists seeking new avenues for self-expression and artistic exploration.
  • Curious Minds: Open to anyone with a passion for creativity and a desire to learn something new.

Writing Your Life Story – with Mardi Sands

Writing Your Life Story – with Mardi Sands

10 April 2024 (10am – 1pm)
Mosaic Hues, Level 1 Rowes Complex, Keefe Street, Toowoomba

Mardi Sands is addicted to words, with a love of words, books and poetry.

With husband Brian, she manages a cattle property in the Taroom/Wandoan area.  They have three children and six wonderful grandchildren.  

Mardi’s desire to help others record their life was fuelled by her love of history, and her many years with the u3Aonline.  Here, twice a year, she led an eight-week course of Autobiography and Journalling. This has led to a deep understanding of the many facets of a Life Story.  She has further developed her skills with a Diploma of Family History from the University of Tasman. 

She has conducted several workshops and this year is leading a full-day workshop, as part of Words out West, by Western Downs Regional Council.

She has been involved in the life of her community, including the local Arts Council, Kindergarten Director, Miles Writers Group, and supporting Brian with his horse sports.

Mardi believes that everyone is special, everyone is different, everyone has a story, and everyone can tell that story.

Writing Your Life Story
With Mardi Sands
10 April 2024 (10am – 1pm)

Mosaic Hues, Level 1 Rowes Complex, Keefe Street, Toowoomba

 $20 per person. BYO drinks and snacks

Gain the confidence and tools to record your story.
See that there are different ways to tell your many stories.
Find out that it is a task that can be both enjoyable and doable by everyone.
Gain the tools and ideas to remember and record life memories.
Most importantly, learn how to ‘stick with it’ and complete the task.

Toowoomba Word Walk 2024

Toowoomba Word Walk 2024

Explore Toowoomba in a whole new way with the Toowoomba Word Walk, a 2-hour guided tour that takes you through the city’s key landmarks. Meet your guide at 7am under the Windmills on the corner of Lindsay and Campbell Streets.

During the walk, you’ll visit iconic sites like Queen’s Park, Frog’s Hollow, the General Post Office Building, The Court House Building, Strand Theatre, Masonic Lodge, Empire Theatre, St Stephen’s Church, and The Lighthouse.

After the tour, head back to Queen’s Park entrance on Campbell Street for a delightful morning tea featuring bush tucker treats. Choose between Friday, 22 March or Sunday, 24 March for your adventure. Don’t miss this chance to see Toowoomba from a different perspective!

To Join Us Book Your Spot Here

Trashion Parade

Trashion Parade

9 May – Grand Central Shopping Centre

Next year’s theme is Mother.  This year’s parade was such a success, we can’t wait to see the designs that will be on display!  We want to see reloved, remade, reused, recycled, reworked, refashioned, recast, revised, redone, reforged, refitted … you get the picture!  To link in with Wordfest’s 2024 theme of Script to Stage, we will be asking that each garment has a story/script to accompany it on stage.  To assist with covering costs, there will be a small fee of $5 per garment entry.

Click here to enter your design and have it modelled on the day

Click here if you want an entry ticket to enjoy the show

Spectator tickets includes spectator entry, a gift bag, and a lucky door ticket.

Join us for the Annual Trashion Parade on Thursday, 9th May, from 5:30 pm to 7:00 pm at the Atrium at Grand Central.

Thanks to the generous support of Grand Central. This year’s theme is “Mother,” celebrating the maternal figure in various forms.

Categories for Zero Waste entries include:

  • Mother and Daughter
  • Grandmothers are Angels in Disguise
  • Mother Characters from any story, TV show, movie, or song
  • Overall Winner

Entrants are invited to showcase their creativity and commitment to sustainability by highlighting recycling, pre-loved items, or creative designs.

Audience members can purchase tickets for this exclusive event, with only 100 seats available in the enclosed event space. Adult tickets are $12 and include entry, a gift bag, and a lucky door ticket. Student tickets (ages 10-17) are available for $5.

Funds raised will support Word Fest Toowoomba’s community events.