In late June of 2024, the dusty trails of the Australian Outback will welcome a new literary adventurer: Lyndall Hill, the creator and curator of Word Fest Toowoomba’. Lyndall has been extended an invitation to the Australian Outback Writers Festival, set to take place from June 20th to 22nd in the progressive town of Winton. This year’s theme, fittingly, revolves around the essence of the Outback, promising a celebration of Australia’s rich storytelling heritage amidst the iconic setting of the Waltzing Matilda Centre.

The Outback Writers Festival Inc., a non-profit organization established in 2015, stands as a beacon for promoting Australian literature, particularly narratives rooted in the vast and diverse landscapes of the Outback. With a set of admirable objectives, the festival aims not only to entertain but also to educate, inspire, and connect communities:

The festival commits to an annual rendezvous in Winton, serving as a hub for writers, readers, and enthusiasts to converge and share their passion for Australian stories. By engaging writers and readers alike, the festival endeavours to foster a deeper appreciation for Australian narratives, nurturing a culture that champions the diverse voices and experiences within the literary landscape.

One of the festival’s noble missions is to encourage literacy and storytelling among rural and indigenous children, recognising the transformative power of literature in shaping young minds and bridging cultural divides, but beyond its literary endeavours, the festival serves as a platform to spotlight the Outback as a significant tourism destination, inviting both domestic and international visitors to explore its rugged beauty and rich history. 
Through storytelling, the festival pays homage to the deep-rooted history and cultural tapestry of the Outback, honouring First Nations heritage and the resilience of generations past and present who have walked these lands.

Lyndall Hill’s anticipation is building, as she eagerly awaits the crisp Outback nights and the promise of festival fun. Her journey from Toowoomba to the serene landscapes of Winton is not just a physical one; it symbolises a seamless transition from one chapter of literary exploration to the next. Accompanied by her partner, Murray, Lyndall envisions a road trip punctuated by moments of reflection and inspiration, fueling her passion for storytelling, creativity and community engagement.

As Lyndall prepares to embark on this new adventure, she carries with her the spirit of Word Fest and the values it represents: inclusivity, creativity, and a profound appreciation for the power of words to unite and transform. In Winton, amidst the red earth and vast horizons, Lyndall Hill will find herself among kindred spirits, bound by a shared love for the Outback and the stories that echo across its timeless landscapes.

As the Australian Outback Writers Festival draws near, all eyes turn to Winton, where a new chapter in the story of Australian literature is waiting to unfold, along with the passionate vision of Lyndall this will be a remarkable event.

 As a Wordsmith and Director of Word Fest Toowoomba, Lyndall has written a Secondary School textbook (OUP); published multicultural recipe books, a collection of high profile Toowoomba identities and helped others through the self-publishing process. From a Poetry Slam in a boxing ring, Literary Lunches, Author Expos, Storytelling Under the Stars, writingworkshops in train carriages to panels, podcasts and organisations’ histories and giving anything a go, she writes business blogs and applications under MollyB Blogging and personal travel blogs under Travlyn.