Shirley Chambers, the author of Words From the Past, is set to host a book signing event at Another Life Coffee and Wares on 114 Bellevue St. The event is scheduled for Wednesday, 14th May and is proudly sponsored by Dymocks, the leading bookseller in Australia.

For the book signing, tickets are priced at $10, and it includes nibbles. Attendees can also purchase meals and drinks from Another Life Coffee and Wares, which is a wonderful social enterprise that trains people with disabilities in the hospitality industry.

Words From the Past is a memoir by Shirley Chambers, and it is a collection of memories, stories, and experiences from her life. The book is a testament to Shirley’s strength, resilience, and determination in the face of adversity. It provides a unique insight into the challenges and triumphs of a life well-lived.

At the book signing event, Shirley will be available to sign copies of the book and meet with readers. Attendees will have the opportunity to purchase the book on the day and get a chance to chat with Shirley about her life experiences and inspirations.

This event is a great opportunity for book lovers to meet Shirley Chambers, an accomplished author, and gain insights into her life’s journey. It is also an excellent opportunity to support Another Life Coffee and Wares, a fantastic social enterprise that is doing great work in training people with disabilities in the hospitality industry.

In conclusion, the book signing event featuring Shirley Chambers’ Words From the Past is a must-attend event for book lovers in Toowoomba. The event promises to be an exciting and insightful experience, with the chance to meet the author, purchase the book, and support a great cause. Make sure to mark the date in your calendar and secure your tickets today!