I have lived, worked and studied in Sydney, Hobart and Melbourne throughout my 30 + years of existence. It was in the northern suburbs of Melbourne I made my nest.

Pursuing a career in writing has proven to be no easy task. I have written for community publications, published seven books, and written about a thousand articles online. I have two published collections of poems titled ‘Life, Love & Everything’ and ‘Words of Mine’.

My working life has included working in customer service, working in the amazing Events Industry across Australia for over a decade, working for major venues in Melbourne and the State Government of Victoria, and running small events for my own small business. My third book is titled ‘The Real Events Industry: My Story’, all about these adventures.

My interests have led me to study quite a range of different fields, from Fitness to Crystal Healing, Therapeutic Dance Practices to Sound Healing Practitioner Certificates. During 2020 I successfully completed my Doctorate in Metaphysics. I published my research in the field of Metaphysics as my next two books, ‘The Chakras and Mental Health’ and ‘Schizophrenia and Clairaudience: Their Interrelationships’.

My writings have ranged from poetry, recipes, guidance, psychic revelations, metaphysical musings and ideas to women’s issues, our emotional journey and life events. We just never know where the future might take us.