Everyday was a Chooseday, by Aileen Bradley


Everyday was Chooseday, is a book that walks the reader along the journey with intrepid motorhome adventurers, Gordon and Aileen Bradley, as they travelled Australia’s roads for almost 7 years.



Everyday was Chooseday provides actual practical experiences and travel advice, plus maps that match the Australia-wide routes travelled.  As the pages turn, the reader finds personal anecdotes relating to age and illness challenges, events faced in everyday life, the benefits of a practical common-sense approach, humorous anecdotes and useful tips for potential travellers to avoid pitfalls.

Deciding that flexibility achieved their desired relaxed lifestyle, as well, it increased opportunities to maximise finding and exploring Australian treasures at their leisure.  Taking time to appreciate the gems they stumbled across, meant choosing to let go of rigid plans and assumptions and deciding each day was, in fact, a Chooseday.  The story follows how hit started, the trials and tribulations of full-time life on the road and how it ended.  It is a gratifying read for virtual armchair travellers, trip planners, history buffs, photographers, nature lovers or those who simply like a good yarn with a few laughs.




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