Memoir Writing – If not now, then when? with Stacy Nottle

Have you been thinking about writing a memoir? What’s stopping
you? Perfectionism? Lack of time? Fear that your stories are not significant
enough? Concern that others may dispute your version of the truth? Or that
other’s will be hurt and angry by what you have to say? Do you worry that you
are not good enough at writing? Or perhaps you have no idea how to get started.

Our presenter, Stacy Nottle, believes that all
stories are important. She says that reflective writing can be a potent tool to
help us make sense of our lives and being brave enough to share our stories can
lead to powerful human connection.    

In this workshop, Stacy will address the common fears that
hold writers back and she will challenge your thinking around whether you are
‘good enough’. She will get you to reflect on four key elements of good memoir
writing —The Why, Structure and Theme, Truth vs Tact, and Timing; and she will motivate
you to take action—either to get started, to keep going or to finish.  

Please bring a notebook and pen. 


Stacy Nottle lives in Toowoomba, Queensland, with her husband, Richard,
and her adult daughter’s five pets—Theo, Orla, Redbird, Envy and Snorkel. Stacy’s debut novel, After the Flood, was published in 2019 and her memoir, Breastless, was
released in 2021. She writes for the love of it and happily describes herself
as an otter, which is how Neil Gaiman describes a person who writes in many
genres. She is currently having fun writing a futuristic, dystopic YA series
and working as a career counsellor.