Starting the Adventure

Word Fest Toowoomba was an inaugural program to highlight the array of authors to Toowoomba, the Darling Downs and SE Qld and show the wealth of creative talent and has started the ball rolling.  Lots of weaker parts of the process have shown where improvement can be made, and that’s where the Bucket List Book Adventure took shape. 

Determined to learn from festivals, BookTowns, bookshop owners, books and processes to come back to the Darling Downs and prepare for Word Fest Toowoomba 2023, I, Lyndall, who writes under my business name, MollyB Blogging, packed a 10-kilo carryon backpack and mapped out a travel plan.  Leaving my supportive husband to his creative art and garden landscapes, I pulled on my sturdy Merrill walking shoes and set off solo travelling on 13th September.

So it was off to London, orienting myself in and around Kensington and then discovering the pretty West Dulwich Village and Dulwich Books.  Being only 12 minutes by train to London on the Brixton line was a wonderful location to soak up the history and words of the area.  A terrific week cat-sitting two ragdolls in a beautiful three-storey home really set my adventure on the right path.

Dulwich Books is a respite from the weather and domestic routines.  The optimistic owner, Cathy and the keeper of the knowledge of the stock, Kitty, are returning to featured displays – Aussie iconic author Tim Winton was front and centre; fun book murals on the windows by local artists and offering author events and a modest range of quality book gifts as customers return phoenix-like after the restrictions on foot traffic and the temporary survival measures of home delivery and online offers.  It was great to see a steady flow of eager readers searching out the current best sellers and keeping the shop’s heart beating.

Being bang smack in the throes of the funeral for Queen Elizabeth II, reading took second place to watch the tv coverage, catching up with Aussie friends at the stage musical Tina, and matching my book moods to the wide choice of local and delicious eateries.

Too much hot chocolate is never enough when the cute cafe and the local railway station offer books to browse while enjoying the ambience…..but the hot chocolate habit is one that’s hard to beat when the English weather is so often mizzling.

So I was off and running.

Please accept this warm hot-chocolatey invitation to follow my adventure, explore the website and become a follower so you get a front-row seat as we share the 2023 WORD OF MOUTH journey with you.