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An exciting festival of writing, reading, wordplay & workshops all to do with WORDS!


Our Collaboration Team warmly welcomes you to the adventures we are providing in safe and inviting ways from February through to August.

Meet our collaboration team.

Lyndall Hill 

“As the festival director, I am very pleased to be working with such an amazingly skilled and competent team. It’s a delight to be able to bring to life all of our combined ideas, thoughts and representation for the different groups and organizations associated to Toowoomba, something that has never been seen before. A program that continues across most of the year from February, right through until September when our carnival of flowers takes precedence.”

Suzie King

Susie is the Word Fest Toowoomba’s administration powerhouse. Susie helps keep everything flowing with her administration prowess. She has a beautiful gift of kindness and caring, and also has a range of wonderful skills to bring to the table.


Shirley Chambers

Shirley is the Author of “Words from the Past”. A historical journey of the literary history of the Darling Downs.

Words from the Past is a book about writers from the past who have connections to the Darling Downs, and it focuses on the writers’ personal connections with the Darling Downs, their literary achievements and what importance is placed on their works. Many of the writers featured in the book have spent only a short time on the Downs, their experiences inspiring their writing.

Our Mission is to develop a fresh and adventurous festival platform for the local region and the broader Queensland communities to discover the talents of our Toowoomba writing community, its literary heritage and its vibrant contemporary scene.

We Value the efforts of all these wordsmiths who will be sharing their works across the many events of Word Fest, and we definitely value your interest and support for the events we are offering.

We Believe that words come in many forms to provide joy to readers. We believe in including all members of our Toowoomba regional community in this adventure.

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Our Mission is to develop a fresh and adventurous festival platform for the local region and the broader Queensland communities to celebrate the talents of our Toowoomba writing community.

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Word Fest Toowoomba showcases writers, story tellers, food and books from around the Darling Downs & South-East Queensland, with featured events from February to August. 

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Events filling Toowoomba with authors, stories, food and joy. Discover the latest updates and event information that shines the light on home grown and imported talent and renowned venues.

“Words are singularly the most powerful force available to humanity.”


Yehuda Berg