Words From The Past...

Take a page out of history and appreciate our ancestor’s love of literacy.



It was great to attend the book launch of “Words from the Past” in Toowoomba!

Presented by Word Fest Toowoomba, “Words of the Past” is an historical journey of the literary history of the Darling Downs written by Shirley Chambers.

The launch was held at the Lighthouse Writers Complex on the corner of Margaret and Hume Streets Toowoomba Saturday 21st May 2022.

Copies are only $10 each and available from the Word Fest Book Store.

Words From The Past

Who are the writers from the past who have connections to the Darling Downs?


How have these writers been inspired by their experiences of life on the Downs?


Words from the Past is a book about writers from the past who have connections to the Darling Downs, and it focuses on the writers’ personal connections with the Darling Downs, their literary achievements and what importance is placed on their works. Many of the writers featured in the book have spent only a short time on the Downs, their experiences inspiring their writing. Others have lived in the region for many years, some their whole lives. Some of the writers included are Steele Rudd, Bruce Dawe, Mabel Forrest, Dorothy Cottrell, and many more from around the Darling Downs.

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Shirley Chambers

Growing up on the family farm, “Bethnal Green”, at Rocky Creek near Millmerran, Shirley Chambers has a strong connection with the Darling Downs. All of her schooldays were spent on the Downs, starting with the one-teacher Rocky Creek State School, then Millmerran State High School, and Fairholme College. After graduating as a teacher, she taught at schools in Toowoomba and Millmerran, as well as many other locations in Queensland and New South Wales.

Although not currently living on the Downs, her regular visits to friends and family (including family members still living at “Bethnal Green” and Millmerran), keep her connected to the Darling Downs.